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weeknotes 4

  • Finished two great books: Speak No Evil by Uzodinma Iweala and Audre Lorde's The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master's House. The latter I struggled with the terminology at first - and I still did prefer the more literal essays - but chatting through what she meant by the poetic for example helped a lot. The former, most of the reasons I struggled with it are spoilers unfortunately, but it is beautifully written.
  • Started trying to sew, but discovered the elastic I have is too wide for the shorts I wanted to make, and too narrow for the skirt, so I'll have to wait until even more deliveries here to start, sigh. This'll be my first sewing project in a very long time so keep me in your thoughts in this trying time.
  • It's pride month and this essay is topical and brilliant.
  • Tried to do #1000WordsOfSummer and failed after the second day to write a single word, typical. I'm enjoying the emails though and might start a less ambitious challenge once it's over.
  • This week's not-a-meme is wholesome! And has a follow up.
  • I have a confession; I really enjoy watching people with money make questionable life choices. This is currently expressed by watching videos about tiny homes - humans in hutches, all through their own choice! - but this episode ruined my fun as they seem to be a startup. There's no kitchen! It's in a bloody concrete pipe, I don't think I could stand up in there. Whose idea was this was? I just want to talk.