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weeknotes 9

Sorry for the delay folks! It's only been checks watch a few months, gulp, forgive me.

I've been really enjoying all my year end/decade beginning planning. So far I am using:

And I'll eventually add this year's Susannah Conway's Unravel Your Year and a new Happiness Planner to the list when they drop. Yes that's a lot of stuff, no I don't find it too much, yes I am very intentional and scared of failure, thank you for noticing.

The quick (and only the main ones of course) list of my goals is here:

  • Reading Francesca Ramsey's Well, That Escalated Quickly. I started reading it in anticipation of a fledging Youtube channel, which you may notice isn't on the list above. Maybe next year, maybe if the podcast turns out to be easier than I'm anticipating, but not a top priority.
  • Need to buy a desk and I dunno if I want a standing one, a standard but wide IKEA one, or something else entirely. Furniture is so goddamn expensive.
  • My reading retreat is coming up, which is an annual tradition of a friend where we secrete ourselves and some other friends into a small place in the woods somewhere in the UK and catch up on all our reading we should have been doing all year. It's always fabulous and I am greatly looking forward to it.
  • I really want a tricycle, ideally to commute/travel to places on but also maybe just to amuse myself locally? It's very extravagant.
  • I've recently started working with a PT who is absolutely amazing, and I'm really excited to see how much regular movement improves my life.