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weeknotes 8

  • Been thinking a lot about relationships recently and this post on needs really hit home in a good way.
  • Reading Beth McColl's book on mental health and recovery, How To Come Alive Again. It has a lot of encouraging gems in it, and the main thing I've taken from it is my goals need to be broken down into smaller chunks. I have a habit of thinking "I'll definitely want to do this important this later so long as I write it down" but all the things are massive! Broke my task streak on Todoist (80 something days, dammit) but am feeling better about not feeling the need to be motivated by numbers like that. Intrinsic motivation has always worked a lot better for me, and if that's not available I need an arbitrary deadline rather than gamification.
  • Finally bought elastic for my sewing projects!!! I feel like there will always be more stuff that could potentially be bought so just going to add to the stash slowly.
  • Also found some cool sewing blogs, namely Tilly And The Buttons, Rare Device, Curvy Sewing Collective and the instagram projects Sew Queer and Chronically Sewn.
  • Did a career direction thing from the Wait But Why? blog because I was curious to see if I had any secret yearnings I didn't really think about that much. Turns out I have many but none of them of surpass coding as a macro goal, so yey me for now?