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weeknotes 7

  • Not been feeling so great this week, but posted about it on Twitter and got ratioed, I mean, loads of cool and helpful responses. People are nice.
  • I also posted about talking about mental health online and was surprised how few "hell no I would never do that" responses I got, so tentatively sticking my toe in the water. This isn't just a twitter highlights post though, I promise!
  • Gonna try and put out a new episode of "the podcast I made to get into podcasting" sometime next week, I'm unsure how people can talk freely for half an hour, all alone, without an extensive script. I (accidentally!) lied quite a lot + the audio quality is not the best, but I'm working on it.
  • Really enjoying the various community slacks I'm in. If you're in tech and in any way marginalised I'd really recommend joining some special interest ones, a great way to feel less alone.
  • I'm thinking of ways to give back to the communities I live and work in, mostly coming up blank. Teaching (code) is always the one that comes up and I'm going to give it a try again, but I really hope there are other cool ways I can help the world.
  • Playing Lorde's entire Melodrama album on repeat all weekeend, as one does.