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weeknotes 5

  • Finished another book; The Colour Of Madness Anthology: Exploring BAME Mental Health in the UK. It wasn't what I was expecting but I enjoyed and learned a lot from the majority of it!
  • Went to Patterns Day, had a great time in the sun and the cushioned seats in an air conditioned room! Really enjoyed Heydon Pickering's talk on new ways to do CSS layouts, you can see some examples from his upcoming book here.
  • Really liked this instagram post and am working on ways to center my joy more in every life, as pretentious as that sounds.
  • "Final" day of pride month and this video made me emotional.
  • Watched some of the new season of Aggretsuko on Netflix, and discovered you definitely need to watch it with dubs (with optional simultaneous subs to see the differences) as to me it seems a bit terse otherwise and the localisation of the dubs to European/American audience understanding seems quite good. Did I get upset by the main character's life choices? Maybe! Why are you judging me?
  • I also want to make some kind of hair spritz without oil in; I'm really into making cosmetics but not necessarily 'natural' ones. I've only made simple stuff so far, like lip balm and body butter, which don't need preservatives. The solubilizer I bought for mixing essential oil and water makes the product sticky to the touch so not great for hair stuff. Reminds me I need to buy a preservative also, cleaning the spray bottle for my first mix was unpleasant!