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weeknotes 3

  • Writing this while watching noopkat's stream. Her community is really supportive and helpful, loads of interesting stuff on accessibility and IC tracks this week, as well as the contributions to electric.io of course!
  • Really enjoying Steve Lacey's demo album, Robyn's general existence, and also can't get Te Amo by Rihanna out of my head for some reason?. Please excuse my Spotify links lol.
  • Been thinking a lot about my personal values (as one does?) but I really need to find a way to start giving back to the world and my various communities. I used to teach at the awesome codebar, and would love to find something else that doesn't involve teaching to do with my coding skills, but am also open to any other suggestions!
  • Despite the title I enjoyed this look into Wattpad publishing.
  • I need new blogs to read, as I seem to just haunt the same internet spaces a lot and occasionally get off my well worn path on Twitter. I really enjoy the blogs I do read, just want more of them!
  • Listened to a few cool podcasts this week, the highlights being By the Book's one on grudges, The Read being the The Read and Soft Skills Engineering podcast. Despite having over a hundred podcasts in my app I still want more recommendations. And no I haven't actually listened to all one hundred.
  • My ironing board finally came, and I think instead of going straight to making the haori jacket pattern I bought, I'm going to look for some form of skirt or shorts pattern to make something slightly easier.