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weeknotes 2

  • Revisiting this blog post by Alice Goldfuss has helped a lot today; I'm keeping track of my daily achievements with Rescuetime but I'm not sure the format is currently cutting the mustard. It encourages me to write down something at all, which is a plus, but not to go into detail about why what I did was important or how I contributed. May start another work log in Journey, but it's already getting a bit confusing juggling between my reviews and normal journals. I would use Notion but since it has limits on the amount of items you can create for free that's a very good way to end up paying for an extra service!
  • I use a quantified self service called Exist and the amount I use the internet is flabbergasting (468% more distracting time than average!), even in comparison to the other nerds who use a quantified self system... That said, it's not making me unhappy per se, I just need to remember to carve out time to create as well as consume (do week notes count?) and time to do all the offline busy work that keeps life ticking over. Also I assume most of them aren't tracking ALL their online time? But who knows.
  • Really enjoying productivity youtube at the moment, though I really wish someone who isn't a minimalist would become popular. I really enjoyed this one about figuring out what you want to do in life by muchelleb, and have downloaded the workbook and started doing it before I started writing this!
  • Also I love the Luxe Strategist, a personal finance blog, and her entire approach to life. This post will tell you whether you love or hate the approach I guess, but I'm really embracing the idea that budgeting doesn't always have to be about self-deprivation from this one.
  • This week's meme is this one. Relatable.