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weeknotes 13

  • watching a lot of struthless videos - he does a lot on creativity and i guess 'self help' - and joined his discord; it's nice to be in these encouraging communities
  • same on muchelleb; I know what I'm looking for and no one is really talking about it but the videos are still comforting
  • i worry that because my goals don't currently coalesce into any big picture goal that i'm going to be disappointed by wherever i end up. i know that any action is probably better than inaction - struthless has a video on that too, as well as sylvia plath's writing about sitting at the foot of a fig tree - but i don't know how i shake the doubt
  • i've also been slightly ill this whole week which sucks; i really want to start filming but sniffling and now not being able to hear properly out of one ear (blocked with wax or ear infection?? only time will tell) i know i should wait
  • started sewing a second pair of trousers and been thinking about them all week lol
  • reading a cute webcomic, on a sunbeam, and austin kleon's back catalogue of blog posts and newsletters
  • obviously encroaching ww3/the ukraine invasion has had me and the world unsettled, solidarity with the people of ukraine and those opposing the regime in russia