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weeknotes 12

  • had a horrible cold this week - not covid thankfully - so a much more truncated list of things happened than i reckoned would
  • i bough a sexy speaker called a wonder boom 3 in unicorn so i can listen to music in the shower without subjecting my housemates to 'lay all your love on me' by ABBA very loudly so i can sorta hear it. high def or nothing in the wet world for me:
  • i also bought some gorgeous flannel from grid fabrics and some accoutrements to make a seperate incredibly loud piece of clothing, i may be getting ahead of myself but i will do so fashionably
  • for once in my life i'm really looking forward to summer? 35 days til it starts getting light after 7pm again!! i bought some chub rub shorts in anticipation from snag, because apparently i am on a retail therapy roll!
  • I really want this dress even though i've been informed by a fashion friend it will shed, and i will definitely put it in the washing machine on a delicates wash despite its reluctance to do that.
a fuzzy orange velvet dress is worn with black shiny boots by a model with light brown skin and black hair.
  • i really love clothes? like i used to think that my self-id/willingness to pursue getting a diagnosis of autism was unlikely to be true due to lack of a special interest, but if it doesn't have to be a typical interest i think clothes definitely count. I have a huge set of pinterest boards i've added to over the years and way more clothes than one human should have, and QuACC will hopefully get off the ground soon... I think i have a deep and sustained interest.
  • started learning rust, going through 'the book' but only on chapter two so watch this space! I forget that M1 macbooks are finicky but hopefully it will all be workroundable.
  • trying to get involved with more activism, looking into fossil free London, XR, etc very tentatively, becoming a rep in UTAW as i may have mentioned...
  • I'm starting up my Youtube channel on ethics and being a good person whilst working in tech sorta stuff, I was trying to film this week but i keep sniffing so it wasn't the one lol. hopefully this week i'll put out my first video
  • I'm getting into exercise - again, had to wait for the cold to abate - so i'm doing liftoff (couch to barbell) by ask a swole woman and probs gonna try the be.come project for home workouts as i mostly enjoyed that last time. I find every day easier to contemplate cos then i've definietly missed or done a day if that makes sense, whereas otherwise i push it off till it's sunday again lol.
  • this ended up being long after all, thanks for reading if you got this far!