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weeknotes 11

  • long time no speak!
  • completed my first garment sewing project, sewed the merchant and mills 101 trousers in dark green
  • started work on a polyfill for cascade layers; learning a lot about cutting edge CSS at Oddbird as a side effect of the work we do, which is really cool and fun. PostCSS community is really active and friendly.
  • feeling a lot less depressed and a lot more motivated and energised in life in general, books "Four Thousand Weeks" and "I Didn't Do The Thing" are really helping my outlook and relationship with productivity, would defs recommend people give it a read
  • Started doing a thing called 'portable habits' which sounds really lofty but basically you have a list of all the things you'd do in an ideal day, and check them off each day as you do them, with no pressure to keep a streak or do each one every day. Working really well for me, along with a really cute app called Habit Rabbit.
  • Started using my remarklable 2 as a planner too and it's helping so much, i use it along with an old version of the life map collective's weekly planner
  • have a bunch of goals for this year and luckily am not feeling too bad about my impending 30th birthday; i always thought it would be a tough time but i'm more or less proud of who i am at the minute
  • becoming a rep for UTAW too which is exciting!