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weeknotes 10

  • started some meetups, isn't it?
  • codebop is a music-making, listening, hanging out and performing meetup which also has Twitter
  • subversion is about how to be the best developer you can be for all life on the planet; just, intersectionally feminist and aware of all the issues currently plaguing our industry. Its Twitter is here
  • wildcard is literally for hanging out and meeting other developers, eating food and having a beverage. Its Twitter is here
  • yes, this is a lot of meetups. no, I can't choose one. please help in any way you see fit, haha.
  • I had a lot of fun designing my plans for this year, and subversion was originally on the list I swear, just as a conference, but I got good advice it's probably best to scope out how much people want it first with a meetup.
  • went to new adventures conference, which was fantastic.
  • went to you got this, also fantastic.
  • discovered I love sphinx cats, who knew?
  • started exercising which was fun but really hard, who knew
  • all in all, I think I've done pretty well?! Especially considering it's only the beginning of the year
"Please Clap..." says Jeb Bush
Four white people, three of them seated and one standing. The standing man, Jeb Bush, says "please clap"