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weeknotes 1

  • Hello! Welcome to my personal fledgling blog!
  • From here on out there will be fewer exclaimation marks, apologies. I'm nicking this idea from other people who have made weeknotes, namely Nat Buckley and Alice Bartlett. I was originaly interested in the idea of putting something like this out into the world by Una's task lists, but it was a bit stressful and anti-climactic for me to center it around my goals. When you're dreading updating your github repository because you're so behind, it's a bad idea to continue a project I think.
  • Similarly, Lili Kathleen Bright put me onto this blog post, and whilst the idea of having one overarching goal seems a lot less stressful to some people, it seems to make me more anxious? I enjoyed trying it but to be honest I'm probably too lofty and unrealistic in my daily aims, and need to fix that before I can commit to something like this. I'm not very good at breaking my mid to long term goals down into manageable chunks, so I'll start with a weekly goal and see where I go from there.
  • I'm unsure if it's my reading comprehension or the article itself, but this piece on Kimberlé Crenshaw and intersectionality raised a lot more questions than it answered. I've stopped calling myself an intersectional feminist off the back of numerous Twitter threads saying it was an incorrect usage, and if nothing else, I've decided I need to read more about it.
  • I'm trying to journal more about personal stuff, and am finding the majority of the journalling prompts inane and difficult to stick to for more than two hundred words. I used to write more stream of consciousness type entries, but I'm struggling with finding it very boring and somewhat pointless to recount what happened that day from my point of view, so a change is needed. I really enjoyed Esme Wang's Rawness of Remembering, but it is primarily for people going through difficult periods in their lives, so hasn't really resonated with me recently.
  • Turn your volume down unless you want a fright, but this anime meme has made me realise I do kind of miss watching anime, even if binge watching anything but Grey's Anatomy (and even then the shortest binge watching sessions you've ever seen, sigh) really no longer appeals. I got some recommendations I need to dig out on Twitter so I'll do that at some point this week. I haven't even actually finished attack on titan so I guess that first?
  • I've been wanting to put my sewing machine into use, and have banged up against a new, money spending hurdle at every turn. Need to buy an ironing board and I think that's the final thing, but it's been multiple rounds of buying things. I should have chosen a cheaper hobby...
  • Speaking of non-cheap hobbies, I will finally make a body butter at some point. I enjoy making cosmetics at home but have so far stuck to really simple things as I don't want to buy all the equipment in one go and never use it again. I really need a proper use for my coconut oil, since I got sisterlocks and no longer use it in my hair. Perfect excuse to make some highly perfumed body butter right?
  • I've been playing ukulele on and very off for years, recently got a great teacher who arranges indie pop songs I can't find online tab/chords for, and have improved leaps and bounds already. Currently practicing Reasons not to die by Ryn Weaver a lot.