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Things you can do right now to be a more ethical technologist

  • Join a union (if you’re in a country where you won’t get fired for thinking about it)
  • Have uncomfortable conversations with colleagues and friends in industry that you trust about important issues
  • Educate yourself; consider it another thing that’s as essential as being up to date on the latest framework or methodology
  • Network with others who care about these issues
  • Mentor and sponsor marginalised people
  • Either get good at compiling arguments in a “non-combative” way or get comfortable with being the annoying or even rude one. The former is existentially annoying but keeping a veneer of “professionalism” and lack of perceived aggression often helps your argument, even if the problem is egregious and you are justified in being angry
  • Support organisations already doing the work, ones that are lobbying the government or providing alternative infrastructure
  • Vote with your feet, be honest in an exit interview about why you are leaving