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olu online

ethical technologist. philomath. creator. accessibility advocate. nerd. maximalist.

I’m Olu. I live in London. Hire me (remotely).

I’m a frontend developer who adores Javascript-based technologies, semantic HTML, CSS, accessible websites, writing/speaking/listening/reading, bubble tea, Bee and Puppycat, lists, plantain, planning/scheming, unnecessary amounts of punctuation, run-on sentences, and personal organisation/growth/finance/development. I'm currently learning all about rust and distributed systems (ipfs, dat).

I'm a writer, web artist, an emoji enthusisast, and a lifelong learner. I'm currently learning to sew, and to play ukulele and keyboard.

I’ve been in love with the internet ever since I installed dial-up on the family computer, back when Virgin Media was NTL and it timed out every 15 minutes! I believe that the internet is something that should be available and accessible to every and anyone who wants to use it. It has changed my life in innumerable ways.

I’ve given talks at Afrotech Fest and Non-Binary in Tech, about web accessibility and community.

Drop me a line on twitter, or by email.