I’m Olu. 👋🏿 I live in London.

I currently  a Javascript developer at Oddbird and a member of the W3C Developer Council.

I’m a frontend developer who adores Javascript-based technologies, semantic HTML, CSS, accessibility and disability justice, writing, listening, speaking, reading, bubble tea, Bee and Puppycat, lists, plantain, planning/scheming, unnecessary amounts of punctuation, run-on sentences, solarpunk, technopaganism, personal organisation/growth/finance/development, web art and emojis. ✨

I'm currently learning:

  • ukulele
  • music production
  • weightlifting
  • cutting-edge CSS
  • gouache painting
  • design patterns
  • how spec work (like through the W3C) actually works

I’ve been in love with the internet ever since I installed dial-up on the family computer, back when Virgin Media was NTL and it timed out every 15 minutes! I believe that the internet is something that should be available and accessible to every and anyone who wants to use it. It has changed my life in innumerable ways, and I want everyone who wants to try to have the ability to build themselves a life with it OR without it.

I’ve given talks at Afrotech Fest, You Got This, Women in Tech Nottingham and Non-Binary in Tech, about web accessibility and its intersection with social justice and finding your place in web communities.

Drop me a line on twitter, or by email.