Olu Online

👋🏿 I’m Olu. I live in London..

👍🏿 My pronouns are they/them.

🔭 I'm looking for work as a frontend developer! I’m also looking for writing and speaking opportunities; I have written for A List Apart and have spoken at You Got This.

🌱 I’m currently learning (more and more about):

Feel free to chat to me about any of the above!

💬 I’ve been in love with the internet ever since I installed dial-up on the family computer, back when Virgin Media was NTL and it timed out every 15 minutes! I believe that the internet is something that should be available and accessible to every and anyone who wants to use it. It has changed my life in innumerable ways, and I want everyone who wants to try to have the ability to build themselves a life with it OR without it.