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24 Hopes for 2024

My 23 hopes for 2023 didn't all come true. I'd say overall it was a pretty rough year for me in some ways, with high highs and monotonous lows, but hey, it ended on a redemptive and positive note!

I'd say I achieved 12/23. Half really isn't bad.

For 2024 (once again, not wishing for world peace here, as we all know what happens when you do that):

  1. I hope to finish "my year of make do", a challenge proposed by leena norms, a YouTuber. Too long, didn't watch explanation: no buying clothes (save for categories impractical to me like bras, shoes, socks and pants), but you can make as many as you like! So far I've successfully sewn 2.75 garments (nearly finished the Zadie Jumpsuit!) so we'll see how we go!
  2. I hope to finish LIFTOFF: Couch to Barbell. Keep putting it off because I didn't enjoy being perceived in the gym, but I am hoping the habit will stick this time!
  3. I hope to write more, maybe for YouTube, definitely here. Maybe a book?! Maybe a course?! We shall see.
  4. I hope to start learning Yoruba. I would like to be able to understand basic conversations in it, and/or be able to read simple books.
  5. I want more hyperlocal community, in every sense.
  6. I want more online community, in every sense.
  7. I hope to make my bedroom a beautiful, functional and comfortable space to be in, rather than a place to put my stuff.
  8. I want to sing, dance and listen to music more.
  9. I want to start masking again regularly in public areas.
  10. I want to learn to swim.
  11. I'd like to go to a sword fighting class.
  12. I'd like to try a martial art class.
  13. I hope to try and do morning pages at least once a week, build up to doing them regularly.
  14. I'd like to do some Twitch streaming on tech ethics stuff, with guests. My throat really hurt the time I tried to talk non-stop about Lensa and AI ethics for an hour, so I've learnt my lesson.
  15. I kind of hope to reckon more with consumer boycotts, consumerism, big tech and social justice. I don't know what my answer will be, but I know I have a lot more grace for the idea that there is no one "utopia" or technique, trick or system that will make everyone happy forever.
  16. I hope to live more by my values - experimentation, rapport, joy, courage, sustainability and justice - by doing things rather than just thinking or writing about them.
  17. I hope to be quicker to do something in general, even if the doing is asking a serious question or having a discussion, in all spheres of life.
  18. I want to read specs and finally hit metal (aka browser implementation stuff I assume I don't care about) on JS, HTML, CSS. This is a big hope I've hoped for years, so we'll see, lol.
  19. I hope to be both less worried and less weird about social rejection.
  20. I hope I'm able to do more published writing this year in general, I want to pitch more.
  21. I hope I get a tattoo this year.
  22. I hope to get good at an instrument this year; ideally ukulele (I've been playing it on and off for over a decade) but will take other instruments.
  23. I hope I remember the lessons I learnt in 2023.
  24. I hope I grow in 2024.

What are you hoping for in 2024? Feel free to reach out!