Olu Online

23 Hopes for 2023

I'm not hoping for fully automated luxury world peace in this list because I'm focusing on things I can control; better for my wishes to be considered than sloppy if they come true!

I want to:

  1. Finish out recurse center with something to show for it. I've pivoted to looking at AI stuff despite not really knowing Python that well but it's fun going through the tutorials on fast.ai! I started off with CRDT stuff but my project was far too hard as it was Java + Rust + a bit of C and I am a newbie to the first two and don't know the last at all. I've found it really helpful for thinking about my direction as a developer and what I like and want out of my career and learning. Definitely recommend!
  2. Go deeper with JS specs. I want to read more about TC39, the various specs for ECMAScript and probably encounter many of the same worries about the web as I have for W3C. Thrilling stuff.
  3. Keep exploring more of the new JS frameworks popping up; I've experimented a little with Vite and Svelte.
  4. Get better at JS in general. I think what I mean here is the stuff of software development; get better at debugging, system design, troubleshooting, problem solving, etc.
  5. Do more "content creation" (I really hate the term but there isn't much better I can find that's easily understood). I enjoyed the stream I did on Twitch about Lensa a few weeks ago, and I'm making a video for youtube based on the things I covered. I'm hoping to make this a regular content funnel; twitch stream to chat, Youtube video and blog post to consolidate.
  6. Get into powerlifting. I've had a lot of false starts, this time I'm hoping to make regular movement a habit.
  7. Continue learning to sew. I love clothes so much but don't want to spend so much money and time looking for things I love.
  8. Save more money.
  9. Do more general purpose blogging.
  10. Write more outside of my blog. I got a few pieces published last year, and would love to continue that trend.
  11. Get better at seizing the day/taking initiative/doing the thing in every context.
  12. Do a pottery taster.
  13. Be a more caring and responsive member of my communities of kith and kin.
  14. Learn to cook in a way that's more sustainable, more fun and less anxiety provoking for me.
  15. Read more, especially fiction.
  16. Do interesting and useful things with my union, UTAW. I'm the women's and gender non-conforming persons' officer this year!
  17. Get more involved, politically and interpersonally, hyperlocally. Need to touch grass a tiny bit more 😅
  18. Get British citizenship application sent off.
  19. Have no more zero days.
  20. Keep going with my portable routine.
  21. Start journaling and mood tracking again.
  22. Sleep well.
  23. Grow, and often be happy.